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Binary options broker reviews are fortunately limited these days owing to the majority of the crooks exiting the industry. Since the Tel Aviv fraudsters have been driven out of the market by the FBI, there are obviously fewer binary options operators to write about.

Binary Options Whole Sale Bans

ESMA and ASIC’s outright ban on binary options drives those that wish to have a fixed odds bet on a financial asset have to use offshore operators. The impact is that upstanding, honest outfits like IG, CMC Markets, ETX and many others, are no longer offering binaries in Europe and Australia.

IG’s Nadex still offers binary options in the US, while the Japanese FFAJ regulates currently 8 Japanese-based brokers offering binary options.

Regulatory Arbitrage

The CFTC and/or the SEC regulate binary options in the USA, as does the FFAJ in Japan. Standards are set high by these regulators. Yet the cost to the operator is far greater, even prohibitive, than many offshore regulators. An honest operator who does not need any help or guidance with their moral compass has a stark choice; no business at all or regulation by a lesser recognised regulator.

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Any favourable review needs to be verified by the reader. A non-regulated binary options provider does not necessarily mean they are dishonest. But the risk is clearly higher with a non-regulated operator than a policed regulated operator. This website accepts no responsibility for any operator that the reader subsequently determines is a bad actor.


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