Review 2021


This updated review details the new face of, the immensely popular binary options provider. now offers other forms of trading on its MT5 platform other than binary options, including CFDs and FX., over its 20 years of trading, has served over one million customers trading over 43 million trades per month. These customers have now been joined on by new traders attracted to the latest offerings. Platforms’s SmartTrader has now been join by DTrader, DBot and DMT5, ‘the platform of choice for professionals worldwide’.

Smart Trader

Smart Trader is Deriv’s binary options offering. The different instruments/strategies are:

  • Higher/Lower
  • Touch/No Touch
  • Ends Between/Ends Outside
  • Stays Between/Goes Outside

The user interface is well designed with choice of asset top left and choice of instrument to its right.

Below the trader can choose how long the bet is to last for and what the target (barrier) price is.

Underneath that one selects the amount to bet.

Smart Trader
Smart Trader Interface

Below the simplicity of the other choices are laid out. The Stake and Payout are prominent and the only further requirement of the trader is to choose between the two alternatives on offer.

Over & Under bets
Higher or Lower

Higher & Lower’s Binary Call Option and Binary Put Option

On the left the Higher and Lower are showing the stake of $10.

The Payout for the Higher is $31.42 whereas the Payout for the Lower is only $11.43. This lower payout would be because the asset price (100.00) is lower than the barrier (100.20), it is an odds-on bet showing only a 14.3%  return. This compares with the 214.2% return of the Higher which has a far less chance of being a winner as the barrier is higher (by 0.20) than the current asset price.

If the price is exactly the barrier the client loses.


Tunnel Options
Ends Between or Ends Outside

                    Ends Between & End Outside refers to this bet as a Tunnel option.

On this bet there are two barriers to set, one above and one below the current asset price.

On the right we see the ‘Ends Between’ and ‘Ends Outside’ bets and the asset price has to be between the barriers or outside the barriers to win.

In this example the returns are 37.7% for the asset price to be between the barriers and 74.1% to settle outside the barriers.

Settling exactly on a barrier is a losing bet.


Touch / No Touch
Touch & No Touch bets


Touch & No-Touch Options

This is similar to Higher and Lower options except that the first instant the asset price moves up or down and touches the barrier, then the ‘Touches’ bets win.

If the player bets that the asset price Does Not Touch the barrier then the player wins just so long as the asset price does NOT touch the barrier.

As soon as the asset prices touches the barrier the player wins or loses.



Double No Touch Options
Stays Between & Goes Outside


Stays Between & Goes Outside’s Double No-Touch

On this bet there are two barriers to set, one above and one below the current asset price.

On the right we see the ‘Stays Between’ and ‘Goes Outside’ bets. If you choose ‘Stays Between’ the asset price is not allowed to touch either barriers before expiry. If you choose ‘Goes Outside’ the asset price must touch either barrier to win.

In this example the returns are 166% for ‘Stays Between’ and just 0.5% for ‘Goes Outside’. This is telling the viewer that the asset price is very close to the midpoint of the barriers with either barriers very far apart, or very little time to expiry, or both.

The Deriv Smart Trader platform has passed the test of time. Its range of different strategies aligned to its ease of use provide a winning combination.


DMT5  Trading Platform

MT5 is a household name amongst CFD and FX traders. It is the most popular and successful trading system since……erm, MT4.

Integrating MT5 and the related analysis and research tools, the platform is easy to use but feature-rich. It presents a great combination for traders at all levels. It is fully configurable, meaning traders can set up charts or trade areas as they wish. Multiple trade windows can be open at once, or specific windows can be detached and moved around as required. DMT5 DMT5 - User Interface


The customisable DTrader platform offers a clean interface and 50+ tradable assets. Charts can be tailored to meet trader needs with technical indicators and widgets. Trade types can also be customised, with position sizes of just $0.35 and flexible trade duration between one second and 365 days available.

Potential payouts also exceed 200%. The DTrader platform is an excellent evolution in trading platforms, promising an optimal user experience.


This review was impressed with’s automated trading offering. The DBot platform offers a straightforward path to getting set-up using algorithmic investing. Trading bots are free to develop, can be built in five steps, and can be used on over 50 assets.

There are also three pre-built strategies that traders can use as they find their feet. A useful additional feature is the performance tracker so you can make tweaks to maximise returns.

Assets & Markets

Over 100 products are available at spanning:

  • Forex – Close to 50 FX currency pairs, including majors, minors and exotics
  • Stock indices – Speculate on price movements across the largest US, Asian and European stock indices
  • Commodities – Precious metals, such as gold and silver, plus energies like oil are available
  • Synthetic indices – Based on a secure random generator, synthetic indices replicate real-world market conditions and are available 24/7 delivering consistent volatility. Regulation

Below are the licenses that have accumulated over their twenty odd years in operation.’s synthetic indices involve prices generated by a random number generator. This is recognised as gambling and accounts for the gambling licenses obtained from the Isle of Man, Malta and by the Gambling Commission in Great Britain.

Nevertheless, do not offer their services in some countries (“Restricted Countries”) including Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Jersey, Malaysia, Malta, Rwanda, Paraguay, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, or any country that has been identified by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as having strategic deficiencies.


This website have promoted for a number of years. From personal experience we know they are completely honest in their dealings. Their longevity proves this. While the dodgy binary options brokers have been put out of business, have been acknowledged by the authorities, as having conducted themselves with propriety.

Their binary options offerings are clear to understand and rules are totally transparent. MT5 is recognised as top dog in the retail trading market in CFDs and FX.

In summary, a well-regulated, honourable outfit with top quality trading platforms.




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